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Students Navigating High School and Beyond

AFC’s Postsecondary Readiness Project works with older students who need support in high school and beyond. We help students find educational programs that are right for them, including programs that offer more academic support and help prepare for life after school. When needed, we advocate to secure school placements and services for older students with disabilities. We also support students with disabilities as they plan for college and jobs, apply for social services, and otherwise prepare to live independently.

Through this work, AFC identifies trends and advocates for policy changes to expand access to special education services, work-based learning, and graduation pathways. We also offer workshops for NYC parents, youth, and service providers about the rights and options available to older students navigating high school and beyond.

  • Meet our team

    Alex Elegudin

    Postsecondary Readiness Project Director

    Juliet Eisenstein

    Postsecondary Readiness Project Assistant Director

  • Lillian's Story

    "She’s about to graduate and she’s a whole new child. She would never participate in anything before, and now she’s in all the plays, she joined the choir, she’s playing instruments, spending so much time with her friends."

    lillian and her mother at her high school graduation
  • Richard's Story

    Richard was struggling to finish his last few high school credits and remaining Regents exams to graduate. AFC successfully advocated for tutoring, assistive technology, and testing accommodations that helped Richard cross the finish line and earn his diploma!

    Richard on graduation day
  • Kevin's Story

    Advocates for Children assisted Kevin’s mother in finding a more appropriate school placement for sixth grade. With our help, Kevin enrolled at a specialized non-public school for students with disabilities, where he finally received the individualized support he needed.

    Kevin in cap and gown
  • Angelisa's Story

    At a meeting to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP)—held six years after Angelisa’s disabilities began impeding her academic progress—AFC successfully advocated for placement at a small, specialized school that could address Angelisa’s anxiety as well as her academic needs.

The Latest

Guides, tip sheets, and educational resources

Get information about different pathways to high school graduation, accessing social services, and preparing for the transition out of high school.

Webinars, workshops, and trainings

AFC provides free workshops and know-your-rights trainings for parents, students, and professionals