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  • Webinar
  • Navigating Independence: Adult Decision-Making + OPWDD Transition Services

    May 7, 2024

    4:00 PM EDT–5:00 PM EDTVirtual

    Join us for an informative webinar on the critical aspects of transition services offered by OPWDD and the importance of empowering adult decision-making.

    As individuals with disabilities embark on their journey toward adulthood, the choices they make and the support they receive play a pivotal role in shaping their independence and overall quality of life. OPWDD serves as a valuable resource for planning the transition to adulthood. During this webinar, we will discuss the process of applying for OPWDD services, what to expect, and the services available for transition planning. In addition, we will explore pathways to self-determination, supported decision-making, guardianship, and the role these play in the journey to adulthood.


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