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Our Team

For more than 50 years, AFC’s staff of attorneys, advocates, and education specialists have successfully helped hundreds of thousands of families by providing free legal and advocacy services, including representation at school-related hearings and appeals, and teaching families what they need to know to stand up for their children’s educational rights.

Meet our team

Advaita Rao-Sharma

Legal Assistant and Data Coordinator

Alex Elegudin

Director, Postsecondary Readiness Project

Allison Guttu

Supervising Attorney and Senior Pro Bono Manager

Andrea Picon

Bilingual Education Advocate

Anna Brehm

Advocate, Robin Hood Project (she/her)

Anne Klein

Director of Operations (she/her)

Beata Jarosz

Development Operations Manager

Betty Baez Melo

Director, Early Childhood Education Project (she/her/ella)

Brittney Melvin

Early Childhood Education Advocate

Brianna Kitchelt

Staff Attorney, Impact Litigation and Direct Services (she/her)

Daniela Garcia-Casares

Education Specialist, Helpline

Daniela Nauffal

Staff Attorney, Robin Hood Project (she/her)

David Marx

Law Graduate, Project Thrive (he/him)

Diana Aragundi

Assistant Director, Immigrant Students' Rights Project (she/her/ella)

Diana Imbert

Staff Attorney, Early Childhood Education Project (she/her)

Edgar Trinidad

Assistant Director of Development (he/him)

Emily Kramer

Project Director, Technical Assistance Center for Students in Temporary Housing (she/her)

Erika Palmer

Supervising Attorney (she/her)

Isabella Rieke

Senior Communications Manager (she/her)

Ivette Greenblatt

Director of Development

Jacqueline Ontaneda

Helpline Project Director

Janyll Canals-Kernizan

Director, Robin Hood Project (she/her)

Jennifer Pringle

Director, Project LIT (she/her)

Juliet Eisenstein

Assistant Director, Postsecondary Readiness Project (she/her)

Julio Gonzalez

Staff Attorney, Robin Hood Project (any pronouns)

Karen Alves

Senior Education Specialist and Outreach Coordinator (she/her/ella)

Karen Herrera

Parent Center Advocate (she/her)

Karoline Quiros

Senior Education Specialist and Administrative Coordinator, Helpline

Khadijah Ally

Communications Assistant

Kim Madden

Director of Family Support (she/her)

Lilliana Díaz-Pedrosa

Director, AFC Parent Center (she/her/ella)

Lisa Bernard

Staff Attorney, School Justice Project

Lisbeth Guzman

Project Manager, Technical Assistance Center for Students in Temporary Housing

Maggie Moroff

Senior Special Education Policy Coordinator (she/her)

May DePierro

Policy Associate (she/they)

Malika Harris

Director of Equity and Impact

Marcia Flores

Education Partnerships Manager, Project LIT (she/her/ella)

Maria Acosta

Staff Attorney, Immigrants Students’ Rights Project

Melissa Atkinson

Administrative Assistant

Michael Arrington

Law Graduate and Education Collaborative Manager, Project Achieve (he/him)

Michelle Eaton

Senior Education Specialist, Project Achieve (she/her)

Naphtali Moore

Staff Attorney, School Justice Project

Noelis Ciriaco

Administrative Assistant (she/her/ella)

Pamela Mendez

Staff Attorney, Project Achieve (she/her)

Ptahra Jeppe

Staff Attorney, Charter Schools (she/her)

Randi Levine

Policy Director (she/her)

Rebecca Shore

Director of Litigation (she/her)

Rita Rodriguez-Engberg

Director, Immigrant Students' Rights Project

Rohini Singh

Director, School Justice Project (she/her)

Romi Paek

Director, Project Thrive

Ross Baker

Education Advocate

Sarah Part

Senior Policy Analyst (she/her)