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Early Childhood Education

AFC’s Early Childhood Education Project provides individual case assistance, community education, and policy advocacy to improve access and equity in early childhood education so that all children enter kindergarten prepared to succeed.

The first five years of children’s lives are a crucial period in their development. We help families navigate the City’s various early childhood education programs and work to remove barriers that prevent low-income families from accessing services during these key years, with a focus on young children with developmental delays or disabilities, children from immigrant families, and children in temporary housing.

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  • Haley's Story

    With AFC’s help, Haley was able to enroll in a school that specializes in serving children with needs like hers and to receive additional physical therapy.

    Mother kneeling next to toddler son wearing leg braces. (Photo by Cultura Creative, Adobe Stock)
  • Mia's Story

    Now that she is in an appropriate program that can meet her needs, Mia loves preschool, has made enormous progress, and is no longer getting in trouble.

  • Izzie's Story

    "Because of AFC’s efforts my family and I do see the light at the end of the tunnel where our child will continue to progress so nicely and have a happy and healthy upbringing. Without AFC, none of this would have been possible."

The Latest

Guides, tip sheets, and educational resources

Learn more about early childhood education programs for New York City’s youngest learners, including the legal rights of young children with developmental delays or disabilities and services they can receive in Early Intervention, preschool special education, and kindergarten.

Webinars, workshops, and trainings

Our free trainings and workshops provide important information to help parents, communities, and professionals advocate effectively on behalf of their children