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Izzie’s Story

Izzie’s mother came to Advocates for Children of New York in 2009, when she saw four-year-old Izzie struggling to keep up with her preschool peers. AFC agreed with her mom that Izzie needed more educational supports and fought to find and secure for her a suitable kindergarten placement where she could learn and thrive. After just one year in her new school, Izzie’s mom was already seeing a real difference in her daughter, particularly in her reading and language skills. 

Because of AFC’s efforts my family and I do see the light at the end of the tunnel where our child will continue to progress so nicely and have a happy and healthy upbringing. Without AFC, none of this would have been possible, so thank you everyone at AFC, you've made just one more family incredibly happy!”

Izzie's mother

Two years later, thanks to her excellent teachers and service providers, AFC’s expert counsel, and of course Izzie’s hard work, we are pleased to report that she has regained lost ground.  Today Izzie loves going to school, has been able to transition away from many of her support services, and is reveling in her many academic successes.