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Glen’s Story

Glen is a gifted student who was attending 9th grade at a public school in Brooklyn. Glen has a learning disability and is also diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). His parent came to AFC because he was being continually suspended from school for minor offenses that were related to his disability.

When students with disabilities have behavior issues that interfere with learning, schools are required to analyze the problem behavior, in terms of what triggers it and how it can be avoided, and use that analysis to develop a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) that will teach and reinforce positive behaviors. The implementation of this plan helps minimize the challenging behavior. AFC initially recommended that Glen’s school develop a BIP to help him improve his behavior. However, the school did not develop a proper plan and continued to suspend Glen. Due to the multiple suspensions, Glen missed class time, fell behind on his work, and felt frustrated every time he returned to class. In his frustration, he sometimes walked out of class, and the school suspended him again. It became a vicious cycle.

AFC represented Glen at 4 suspension hearings and at meetings to determine if his behavior was or was not a manifestation of his disabilities. AFC proved that Glen’s behavior was a direct result of his disabilities, and his school agreed and admitted it did not have the services needed to support Glen. AFC then helped Glen’s parent find an alternative program that could provide him the attention and services he needs to achieve academic success. AFC advised Glen’s school to evaluate him and persuaded school staff to recommend a non-public school placement that could offer both positive behavior support and challenging academic work. As a result, Glen will be attending the Martin De Porres High School this fall.