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  • Testimony & Public Comment
  • AFC & the ARISE Coalition Testify on the New York City FY 2025 Preliminary Education Budget

    Today, AFC and the ARISE Coalition (coordinated by AFC) are testifying at the NYC Council Committee on Education’s Preliminary Budget hearing. Numerous education programs, services, and staff positions are currently at risk of deep cuts as a result of the expiration of federal stimulus funding, the expiration of one-year city funding, and the Preliminary Budget cut of more than $700 million.

    Mar 18, 2024

    New York City City Hall Building

    The ARISE Coalition’s testimony focuses on programs supporting students with disabilities that are on the chopping block due to the expiration of federal funds, unless the City restores funding.

    Both AFC and ARISE also testified on the proposed 2025-2029 Capital Plan, which includes $800 million for school accessibility projects—far short of the $1.25 billion that parents and advocates are calling for to improve school accessibility.

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