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  • Essential Voices, Part II: Engaging Students and Parents in the Implementation of a New Teacher Evaluation System

    This October 2013 policy paper calls on the DOE to include students and parents when putting the new teacher evaluation system into practice by establishing a stakeholder advisory group to provide feedback on the policy implementation process. The paper also provides examples of structures established for this purpose in other cities and states.

    Oct 31, 2013

    Male student sitting in the class and raising hand up to ask question during lecture. (Photo by Jacob Lund, Adobe Stock)
    Photo by Jacob Lund, Adobe Stock

    The implementation of a new system for evaluating the 75,000 teachers who work in New York City’s public schools is a massive undertaking – one that will change how principals use their time, how teachers direct their efforts in the classroom, and, ultimately, how students experience school. As the intended beneficiaries of this major reform effort, students and their families have an enormous stake in its success.

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