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  • Testimony & Public Comment
  • AFC Testifies on Special Education Reform

    AFC testified before the Education Committee of the New York City Council regarding the Department of Education’s special education reform. Our school system needs to change how it educates students with disabilities; however, change will not yield positive results unless it is well executed and adequately financed.

    Oct 25, 2013

    New York City City Hall Building

    Our testimony calls on the DOE to provide assurance of the following:

    • Students with disabilities, wherever they are served, will receive all the services they require;
    • Schools welcoming students with special education needs will be prepared to provide the necessary individualized, research-based literacy instruction and behavior supports;
    • Technology will be embraced throughout the school system to provide support to all students and to close some of the gaps in access to curriculum for students with special education needs;
    • Instructional materials will be made truly accessible to all students; and
    • Students with disabilities will have real access not only to their community schools, but also to some of the more competitive schools and programs.