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  • Press Statement
  • Statement on Chancellor Carranza’s Departure and Meisha Porter’s Appointment

    Kim Sweet, Executive Director of Advocates for Children of New York (AFC), issued the following statement in response to the announcement that Chancellor Carranza would be stepping down from his position.

    Feb 26, 2021

    Tweed Courthouse, the headquarters of the Department of Education.

    We thank Chancellor Carranza for his three years of dedicated leadership and hard work on behalf of New York City students and their families, especially in the face of unprecedented challenges this past year.

    We also congratulate Meisha Porter on her historic appointment as the first Black woman to lead New York City’s school system. She definitely has her work cut out for her.  At this critical moment, NYC needs an ambitious education recovery plan to restore hope and opportunity to a generation of students that has experienced significant learning loss and trauma.  We look forward to working with the incoming Chancellor to meet the needs of students and their families in the challenging months ahead.