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Emergency Coalition to Save Education Programs

More than 170 organizations are calling on elected leaders to sustain critical education programs currently supported by temporary funding set to run dry in June 2024.


The Emergency Coalition to Save Education Programs came together in 2023 to push elected leaders to save important New York City education programs, services, and staff positions that are currently supported with temporary funding that will expire in June 2024. We are pleased that Mayor Adams’ Fiscal Year 2025 Executive Budget commits more than $600 million to sustain many of these initiatives, including 3-K and preschool special education; 100 coordinators working in homeless shelters; more than 100 community schools; nearly 500 school social workers and psychologists; Learning to Work; Summer Rising; programs to support students with dyslexia; bilingual supports; and translation and interpretation services.

At the same time, however, several vital programs were left out of the Mayor’s budget and remain on the chopping block due to expiring federal or city funds. If elected leaders do not act to restore funding, these programs—which include restorative justice practices, school nurses, Student Success Centers, the Mental Health Continuum, and the immigrant family communications and outreach initiative—will face significant cuts or elimination as soon as this July. Moreover, the Mayor’s investments in 3-K, preschool special education, and community schools do not represent a full restoration. As the budget process moves forward, the City must go further and sustain funding for initiatives and services that our students can’t afford to lose.

Read the Coalition’s statement in response to the release of the FY 2025 Executive Budget.

Read the Call to Action

In 2023, more than 170 civil rights organizations, social service providers, early childhood programs, advocacy organizations, and groups representing students, parents, and educators joined together to call on elected leaders to save important education programs that will still be needed after federal COVID-19 stimulus funding expires. Download the Call to Action (available in both English and Spanish) to learn more and see a full list of supporting organizations.

See what’s at risk in your community

The Emergency Coalition created one-pagers highlighting some of the specific programs and services at risk in each of New York City’s 32 community school districts and 51 City Council Districts. We are pleased that Mayor Adams’ recently released Executive Budget restored funding for many of these programs.

Get Involved!

Email City leaders and tell them to prioritize funding for our public schools in the Fiscal Year 2025 budget, rally with DSC–NY at City Hall, or speak out on social media!