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  • Why Foster Care Advocates are Pushing the Mayor for School Bus Funding

    Nov 6, 2018

    11.05.2018 | NY1 | Thirty of the city’s top foster care agencies and advocacy groups have sent a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio, asking him to provide school bus service to foster children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Right now, the city simply gets those kids to school by giving them MetroCards or paying for car service, leaving it to the foster family to accompany the child on their own time, and their own dime…With the city education department overhauling its troubled school bus system, the foster care advocates felt now was the time to act. “We thought this was really a crucial moment for the Department of Education and the Mayor to realize that there’s this other group of students who also needs assistance with transportation,” Erika Palmer of Advocates for Children of NY said. “It’s crucial for their educational stability.” Read article