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  • Thousands of NYC students with disabilities missed out on services last year, but the pandemic’s full impact remains murky

    Nov 4, 2020

    11.03.2020 | Chalkbeat NY | “Their numbers were improving, and then everything got set back,” said Maggie Moroff, a special education policy expert at Advocates for Children, which focuses on students with special needs. “What we don’t know is a whole lot about what happened in those months after school buildings closed.” 

    Before buildings shut down on March 16, nearly 83% of students with disabilities were receiving the correct services, such as a small class exclusively for students with disabilities, or a larger one with a mix of special education and general education students typically staffed by two teachers. That’s about two percentage points better than the same period the previous school year, though it also points to an enormous gap: 17% of students with disabilities — or nearly 32,000 children — were only receiving some of the specialized instruction they were entitled to or none at all. Read article