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  • Thousands of asylum-seeking students in NYC spread out across more than 300 schools

    Nov 18, 2022

    11.08.2022 | Gothamist | “I think we can glean from the data that there has been a significant influx of students and families into the New York City shelter who’ve recently arrived to this country and that many of the schools where they’re enrolled were not prepared for that influx. Nor was the shelter system,” said Jennifer Pringle, of Advocates for Children. 

    Pringle, with Advocates for Children, said the schools and shelters that received the asylum-seekers face a daunting challenge.

    “They are not funded or staffed to be refugee resettlement agencies,” she said. “So when you have a huge influx of families who don’t have any support network in this country … that puts a tremendous strain on the shelter system as well as schools to meet the immediate needs of families.” Read article