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  • Summer Rising will face reduced hours this year. Here’s what NYC families should know.

    Mar 4, 2024

    Students wait for the first day of Summer Rising at Brooklyn's P.S. 6 in 2021. The program has proven to be popular with families, but is facing reduced hours this year thanks to a cut by Mayor Eric Adams.
    Michael Appleton / Mayoral Photo

    Chalkbeat – Applications for New York City’s free summer programming opened Monday to all children in kindergarten through eighth grade.

    But in the wake of budget cuts ordered by Mayor Eric Adams, middle schoolers will face significantly fewer hours of enrichment programming this summer.

    Launched in 2021 with federal pandemic relief funding, the Summer Rising program was designed to help students readjust to in-person learning and expand summer school opportunities beyond children who were traditionally mandated to attend. The initiative includes a mix of academic instruction provided by Education Department teachers and enrichment activities supported by a network of community-based organizations.

    Summer Rising will once again include up to 110,000 slots — and is open to all New York City children currently enrolled in grades K-8, including those who attend charter or private schools.

    “The community based-organizations don’t necessarily have the knowledge, and skill, and staff to help support students with behavioral needs,” said Maggie Moroff, a senior policy coordinator at Advocates for Children, which helps students with disabilities navigate the special education system. “A plan from the school that is supposed to be put in place by the [community organization] leaves a whole lot of room for mistakes.”