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  • Student behavior amid pandemic: Data shows increase in interventions, arrests in S.I. schools

    Mar 2, 2022

    02.25.2022 | SI Live | Singh explained that Advocates for Children of New York has been pushing for investment in restorative practices, social-emotional support, mental health, targeted mental health support and more. Those investments would mean that when a student is experiencing a behavioral challenge, instead of being met with a suspension, he or she would be met with the intervention needed — whether it’s referrals to a mental health center or clinic, or to the social worker in a school, or a trusted adult to help de-escalate a situation. 

    “Even though a program that has been announced or has been launched, it takes some time for folks on the ground and for principals to buy into programs to really take advantage of them, for things to get up and running. And so I think it might be some time before we see results from the data, but we hope that the city continues to proactively provide social-emotional and mental health supports for students and move away from disciplinary practices,” Singh added. Read article