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  • Schools’ response to bullying is questioned after fatal school stabbing

    Oct 2, 2017

    09.29.2017 | Chalkbeat New York |  Schools sometimes fail to input bullying reports in an education department database that triggers a process for responding to the allegations, according to Dawn Yuster, the School Justice Project director at Advocates for Children of New York, a group that supports students who have been bullied. She said some of her clients’ families had repeatedly gone to school personnel with bullying allegations — to no effect. “There was no documentation until we got involved,” she said. Yuster attributed some schools’ failure to document or respond forcefully to bullying partly to staffers’ uncertainty about what counts as bullying and how best to respond to it. In other cases, teachers and administrators may simply be overwhelmed. “I don’t think it’s an unwillingness,” she said. “I think it’s more about resources, knowledge, experience, and training.” Read article