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  • Report: More than 100K NYC students were homeless last school year

    Dec 4, 2020

    12.03.2020 | Politico NY | Families and advocacy groups have spoken out in recent months over the lack of adequate internet access in shelters, exposing a major flaw in the city’s plans to educate its sprawling public school system. 

    While the number of homeless students in district or charter schools has declined since the prior school year, one in 10 students in New York City remain homeless, the report says. One in six are homeless in the Bronx.

    “Learning from home is much harder when you don’t have a permanent home,” Kim Sweet, AFC’s executive director, said in a statement. “As the public health situation evolves, we need to prioritize offering these students the option of getting back into the classroom full-time and providing them with the help they need to make up for lost learning.” Read article