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  • Potential Yellow Bus Strike Could Leave Nearly 14,000 City Students Without Ride to School Tuesday

    Nov 1, 2016

    10.28.2016 | NY1 | Most the students who take yellow buses have special needs, endure long commutes or live in homeless shelters. Advocates are worried a strike would hit the most vulnerable students. “There are countless numbers of students, kids with disabilities and kids in temporary housing, who will have trouble getting to school, some of whom won’t get to school at all,” said Maggie Moroff of Advocates of Children of NY. The Department of Education says it plans to distribute MetroCards and reimburse families for driving, taking a taxi or using a car service. But those options won’t work for every student. “If you have a kid who uses a wheelchair, for example, it may be really, really hard to find a car service that is going to carry them,” Moroff said. Read article