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  • Parents scramble for childcare due to NYC summer school disorganization

    Jun 28, 2021

    06.26.2021 | NY Post | Randi Levine, policy director at Advocates for Children of New York, told The Post: “We have heard from some families who were placed on the waitlist at their preferred program, and certainly want to ensure that every family has access to a Summer Rising seat that works for them.” 

    She also said that bus transportation was currently limited to students with disabilities and in shelters, who receive bus service during the year, and those who require summer school to advance a grade. And even that is “only for the instructional part of the day, not for the enrichment activities” promised as part of Summer Rising. 

    “We’re glad that the city created a summer program that is available to all students, but want to make sure that all students have meaningful access, which includes having a program that is convenient for them, or having transportation,” she said. Read article