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  • Parents: NYC Teacher Shortage Hurts Special Ed Students The Most

    Oct 15, 2020

    10.15.2020 | Gothamist | At issue are the students’ legally-binding Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) which require they are taught by two teachers—one licensed in general education and one licensed in special education—alongside their general-education peers. During a regular year, about 100,000 students are enrolled in the ICT program and attend classes that have no more than 40% (or 12) students with disabilities. Now, due to the pandemic staffing shortage, many students instead find themselves in classes with a single general-education teacher or a single special-education teacher, not both… 

    Maggie Moroff, special-education coordinator at the nonprofit group Advocates for Children, said ICT was designed to serve students with disabilities and those without. “The goal is inclusion, having those kids learn side by side with their more typical peers,” she said, with the help of a special-education teacher who provides supports and accommodations. Read article