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  • One in 10 NYC Public School Students Are Homeless, Report Says

    Oct 29, 2019

    10.28.2019 | NY1 | More than 114,000 students were homeless in New York City in the last academic year. Put another way, that’s one in every ten children in the city’s public schools, according to a report from Advocates for Children.

    “Over the past decade, the number of New York City students who are homeless has increased by 70%. This past year we did see a decrease of about half a percentage point, but the number has remained stubbornly high, tipping 100,000 for the fourth consecutive year,” says Randi Levine, the policy director at Advocates for Children.

    Nearly 74,000 of the homeless students were “doubling up,” meaning they stayed with relatives or family friends.  Another 34,000 lived in shelters. Read article