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  • NYPD removal of students from schools on the rise

    Jun 4, 2021

    06.03.2021 | NY1 | “The students who are impacted are largely black students, students with disabilities, in District 75 Special Education schools in particular, as well as low income students,” said Dawn Yuster, director of the School Justice Project at Advocates for Children. 

    Around 10 percent of the time, these students in crisis were handcuffed. Among them were 23 seven-year-olds, seven six-year-olds and three five-year-olds. 

    “Five-, six-, seven-year-olds getting handcuffed in school. Very, very troubling,” Yuster said.

    Yuster has seen the toll these removals to hospitals can take on families.

    “I, personally, professionally have represented clients as young as eight years old, who have been handcuffed in school — and I will never forget the day that I got a call from a parent when his child was transported to the hospital,” she said. Read article