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  • NYPD disproportionately restrains students of color during crises in City schools, agency data shows

    Jan 6, 2021

    01.01.2021 | Medium | Dawn Yuster and her organization, Advocates for Children of New York, are calling for a mental health continuum to be established in schools with high rates of child-in-crisis cases. This model was developed by the Mayor’s Leadership Team on School Climate in 2016, who urged the city to adopt it. Last year, the City Council and other advocacy groups recommended it for high-needs schools but there was not enough money in the budget to adopt it. 

    This model includes a team of clinicians working with students and school staff to determine the appropriate level of care. It helps to coordinate with schools to respond to students in crisis while working to enhance each school’s capacity to respond to students’ mental health needs. Read article