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  • NYC’s Summer Rising program gets admissions overhaul

    Mar 22, 2023

    Young students raise their hands and give a thumbs up to their teacher during a summer program. New York City will change the admissions method for its sprawling summer enrichment program.
    (Christina Veiga / Chalkbeat)

    Chalkbeat NY | Randi Levine, policy director for Advocates for Children, said her group was happy about the end of the first come, first served enrollment process. She said many families who “needed more support to apply” didn’t get spots, including the very people who were supposed to be prioritized, such as children in shelters.

    “We heard from families living in shelter and immigrant families that they did not know about Summer Rising in time to get seats for their children and heard from staff at shelters that when they went to help families enroll, the seats were already gone.”