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  • NYC to restore $500 million to bolster 3-K, other education programs on the chopping block

    Apr 19, 2024

    Pre-K services and other education programs may be getting much needed funding, according to a City Hall source.

    Daily News – Mayor Adams and the City Council restored $514 million in spending Friday to bolster 3-K and more than a dozen other education programs previously funded by expiring pandemic aid.

    Close to $1 billion in federal stimulus is still propping up the public school system this year, including key Adams administration priorities such as dyslexia services, special education preschool programs and school safety partnerships with outside organizations.

    Those initiatives and more — including some 3-K program slots, shelter-based Education Department staff and arts funding — will receive additional funds in the mayor’s executive budget to be released next week, the Daily News first reported.

    While some funding for mental health staff and preschool special education programs is permanent, other temporary dollars for 3-K and the arts are only accounted for the upcoming school year.

    Kim Sweet, executive director of Advocates for Children of New York, cheered the restorations, but said additional programs remain on the chopping block, such as ongoing preschool special education budget gaps after Friday’s $25 million investment and free child care for undocumented immigrants.