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  • NYC DOE failing to provide education to disabled kids amid COVID-19, lawsuit alleges

    Nov 25, 2020

    11.24.2020 | NY Post | Erendira Landa says she and her autistic, Spanish-speaking son David, 15, have faced endless hurdles in adjusting to home learning. Landa struggled and eventually found a translator for his classes, but she still hasn’t found a speech or behavioral therapist who speaks Spanish and is available after school. 

    “It’s been very difficult because the related services he’s entitled to have not been met and the one-to-one setting that he’s supposed to have in these special programs he’s not been able to be provided because there is no one by his side,” Landa told The Post. 

    “The school is helping as much as they can online, but they cannot provide a person on the other side of the screen,” Landa explained. Read article