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  • New York Governor’s $35.3 Billion Education Budget Stirs Debate

    Jan 17, 2024


    BNN – In a move that has sparked both applause and critique, New York Governor Kathy Hochul has unveiled her executive budget for Fiscal Year 2025. The proposal, which is the largest in state history, earmarks a record $35.3 billion for school aid, marking a 2.1% increase in Foundation Aid and a 33% rise compared to 2021 funding levels. However, the Governor’s vision for education funding has been met with apprehension by Advocates for Children of New York, who voice concerns over potential reductions in Foundation Aid for certain districts due to changes in the save-harmless funding provisions.

    Despite the proposed increase in school aid, some organizations, including Advocates for Children of New York, have raised concerns about the potential negative impacts on some districts from changes to save-harmless funding. There is also criticism regarding the use of outdated Census data in the Foundation Aid formula. The proposed budget marks the beginning of negotiations with lawmakers over the state’s funding for the next fiscal year, with a focus on education funding and changes to the Foundation Aid formula. As the state moves forward, these debates will undoubtedly shape the future of New York’s educational landscape.