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  • New York City Schools Create Office For Foster Care Students

    Oct 7, 2022

    09.20.2022 | NEWSY | Recent data from New York City’s mayor’s office shows 43% of public-school students in foster care complete high school graduation on time, compared to 81% of their peers outside the system. 

    “They’re also much more likely to struggle with mental health challenges because of all the trauma that they’ve experienced. And all of those things compound and make it difficult for young people to complete their education,” said Erika Palmer, supervising attorney at Advocates For Children. 

    For the first time in New York, the Department of Education is introducing a city-wide central office to support students in foster care. 

    It will fill nine newly created positions including six that will serve students in foster care and at least two supporting students and kids in temporary housing. The ninth position is yet to be named. It comes in response to relentless pleas from families, advocates, and local officials.  

    Palmer said there’s a misperception about these children being bad kids. She adds that their behavior is impacted by the instability in their lives. 

    “We see students that, you know, have had to change schools in may or they have to change schools right before the end of the semester and then don’t earn credit for that semester, have to repeat all of their classes. They get very frustrated,” said Palmer. Watch video