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  • New Report Highlights Ongoing Challenges for NYC Students in Foster Care

    Jan 26, 2023

    01.26.2023 | The Imprint | To address the many challenges foster youth are currently facing in the public school system, Advocates for Children listed numerous recommendations for the city’s new foster care division within the education department. 

    Recommendations include training school staff on the needs and legal rights of foster youth, guaranteeing transportation and working with school agencies to promote consistent school attendance. 

    Palmer said her group’s latest data findings will help provide the most targeted support to these students and provide all parties within New York City’s education system —  including superintendents and school staff — an in-depth look at the gravity of the issues they face. 

    “Just because we’ve known about this for a long time doesn’t mean that it’s not urgent,” Palmer said. “It’s always been urgent, it’s just now, as advocates, we have the data to back us up.” Read article