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  • Migrant families to begin moving next week as 60-day shelter deadline nears

    Jan 3, 2024

    By next week, hundreds of migrant families with children will be forced to leave their rooms at The Row hotel and apply for new shelter.
    Spectrum News NY1

    NY1 | It’s a process advocates fear will interrupt children’s education — and could leave some families sleeping on the street while awaiting new shelter, as happened to single adults already forced to re-apply.

    “I desperately hope that the city has a better plan in place for families,” Jennifer Pringle, project director at Advocates for Children, said. “You don’t want children outside in this weather. You don’t want anybody outside for prolonged periods of time in this weather.”

    The 60-day notices don’t apply to all shelters housing migrants, so far they’ve been handed out to families staying in a class of shelters known as Humanitarian Emergency Response Centers, or HERCs.