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  • In New York, Hundreds of 3-Year-Olds With Disabilities Are on the Brink of Losing Services

    Jun 26, 2020

    06.25.2020 | The Chronicle of Social Change | Without an extension, the all-important transition to preschool special education, for many, will be in jeopardy. “We are very concerned that services will end abruptly for children who recently turned 3 but who have not yet had preschool special education evaluations,” wrote a coalition of 80 child-serving organizations in a recent letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D). “Given the uncertainty of this pandemic, this deadline risks cutting children off from services for months and months during one of the most critical periods of their development.” … Extending the deadline would be cost-neutral for the state, according to Randi Levine, policy director at Advocates for Children, who drafted the letter to the governor. Read article