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  • How NYC’s school bus delays help drive chronic absenteeism and missed learning for students with disabilities

    Mar 15, 2023

    Third grader Eric Vilchis, who attends the Lexington School for the Deaf, was left on a yellow school bus for six hours one morning in October, his mom Araselis Pedrasa said.
    (Courtesy of Araselis Pedrasa)

    Chalkbeat NY | The city says that if a student is absent or late due to a transportation issue, their absence is coded differently in the attendance system to ensure students are not penalized. But absences due to busing issues are still included in citywide chronic absenteeism rates — and the children still miss out on hours worth of instruction.

    Janyll Canals, an attorney at Advocates for Children, echoed this point. “Busing does have an impact on chronic absenteeism for students with special needs,” she said.