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  • From shelter to school: How homelessness impacts students

    Dec 19, 2017

    12.14.2017 | amNewYork | “The number of homeless students in New York City is twice the size of the Boston Public School system,” said Randi Levine, policy director of Advocates for Children of New York, which put out the report. The data includes students living in shelters or other temporary housing, such as in a hotel or “doubled up” with family or friends… Because students have to get used to new routines, teachers and peers when they start a new school, their performance can suffer, Levine said. “Students perform better when they stay in their schools,” she said. According to Advocates for Children, “15 percent of third through eighth grade students living in shelters scored proficiently in reading and only 12 percent scored proficiently in math” in the 2015-2016 school year. Overall, 40.6 percent of third- through eighth-graders in the city scored proficiently in English and 37.8 percent scored proficiently in math, according to the Department of Education. Read article