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  • English language learners want voices heard in school reopening talks

    Jul 30, 2020

    07.30.2020 | Politico NY | Rita Rodriguez-Engberg, director of the Immigrant Students’ Rights Project for the Advocates for Children of New York, said the DOE’s Division of Community Affairs has engaged groups via weekly calls but noted DOE documents were not translated in the top nine languages used in schools at the beginning of the crisis.

    “I think what we’re looking for from the DOE is an acknowledgment and a recognition that many families have been left behind and that a lot needs to be done in order to be able to fix the errors that they have committed, especially over the last several months,” Rodriguez-Engberg said in an interview. “I think we can’t move forward with remote instruction and issuing new policies every several weeks that really impact families without ensuring that families are actually becoming aware of them.” Read article