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  • Distance learning is much harder for New York City’s 114,000 homeless schoolchildren

    Aug 25, 2020

    08.25.2020 | CNBC | Last year, roughly 1 in 10 students in New York were homeless, the equivalent of about 114,000 children living in shelters or doubled up with other families in small apartments, according to non-profit Advocates for Children of New York, a member of the Family Homelessness Coalition. (In the entire U.S., the number of homeless children enrolled in public schools is closer to 1.5 million.)

    For these students, having less space for learning or limited access to internet or computers — in addition to greater issues with food security and lack of parental support — make distance learning particularly hard. 

    “Even before the pandemic, disparities existed,” said Randi Levine, a policy director at Advocates for Children of New York. Fewer than a third of homeless students — either living with others or in shelters — are reading proficiently and only 60% graduate from high school, according to Levine. Read article