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  • Bronx School Stabbing Shows How NYC’s War on Bullying Has Failed

    Oct 6, 2017

    10.06.2017 | Village Voice |  Though the city reports bullying in schools is on the decline, the AFC hotline, which helps families and students who are experiencing bullying, has received an increasing number of calls over the past few years. One of the primary complaints received: schools not taking action after a student reports being bullied to a teacher. “What we find is that families often are making reports and telling school staff, but there are problems with addressing what’s happening by the school,” says Yuster. “There aren’t enough guidance counselors or school psychologists or mental health professionals to deal with these issues. Schools are overwhelmed.” … Dawn Yuster says when she advocates for a child who has been bullied or experienced harassment at school, she often ends up telling teachers and guidance counselors about existing support systems in place to help them with bullying. “Students, families, and even school staff are typically not even aware of who the person is in their school who is supposed to be the expert on addressing bullying… We appreciate good policy,” she says, “but it needs to translate on the ground. Schools need to have the resources and the training to utilize it.” Read article