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  • As Recovery Dollars Recede, Public-School Summer Programs Disappear

    Jul 14, 2023

    Students take part in a rally and march to protest New York City Mayor Eric Adams’s budget cuts, May 24, 2023, in New York. Adams, who is responsible for the city’s school system, has cut school budgets two years in a row.

    The American Prospect | New York City’s “Summer Rising” program offered 62 percent more spots to K-8 students in 2023 than in 2019. Randi Levine, the policy director for Advocates for Children of New York, praised the city for setting aside seats for some of the district’s most vulnerable students. She said 29,000 students were in shelters last year and over 100,000 New York City students experienced homelessness.

    This year, the city’s 110,000-seat program admitted all the students in temporary housing and foster care who applied, two groups of children who greatly benefit from the stability a summer program can provide. About 8,000 seats went to charter and non-public-school students. Another 45,000 students were not placed; their parents are now scrambling for care. The city’s Independent Budget Office reports the city would need over $200 million to sustain the current program in fiscal 2026. Advocates also aim to prioritize students with disabilities, and English-language learners, Levine says. “I think it’s important for elected leaders to start working now to figure out how we’re going to sustain this program when the COVID-19 funding runs out, much less expand it.” Read article