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  • As asylum seekers continue arriving in NYC, some face school enrollment delays

    Aug 29, 2023

    Norberto Priceño, right, poses for a photograph with his family in Manhattan. Two of his three children were still waiting for school assignments with the start of classes under two weeks away.
    Michael Elsen-Rooney / Chalkbeat

    Chalkbeat NY | “Even prior to all this there was a tremendous need” for education department staffers working directly in homeless shelters to help families with school-related issues, said Jennifer Pringle, a project director at Advocates for Children, an organization that advocates for children in shelters, among other groups.

    Advocates for Children had pushed the education department to hire 150 full-time shelter-based staffers before the influx of asylum seekers began, and last year, the city committed to hiring 100. But advocates say that number is insufficient to address the current needs.

    “You’ve opened dozens and dozens of new shelters with no additional staff,” Pringle said. “To me, it’s utterly not surprising that there are enrollment delays, and in fact, I would be shocked if there weren’t.”