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  • After COVID paused Regents exams, graduation rates for NYC’s English language learners surged

    Jan 26, 2023

    01.19.2023 | Chalkbeat NY | Still, the data shows strong signs that “students who disproportionately struggle with high stakes standardized tests are disproportionately impacted” when those exams are no longer required to graduate, Sarah Part, a senior policy analyst with Advocates For Children, which has been advocating to remove Regents as a graduation requirement, said in an email. 

    At the same time, the data is likely fodder for advocates who have called for the state to stop requiring the Regents exams to graduate. 

    “What are more meaningful measures that can still capture the student’s learning and still give them different possibilities in different ways, so that their ability to graduate doesn’t depend on one test they take on one day for a few hours out of the four years plus of their high school career?” said Juliet Eisenstein, senior staff attorney with Advocates For Children who sits on the state’s commission that is reviewing graduation requirements. Read article