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  • Advocates, Parents, And Disabled Students Want More Than Just Better Funding For Schools

    Aug 31, 2020

    08.29.2020 | Forbes | Maggie Moroff, Special Education Policy Coordinator at Advocates for Children of New York: “Schools still need to be more physically accessible, and students need access to technology that can help them adapt and learn. There needs to be more focus on literacy, using methods that are ‘built around the 5 pillars of reading instruction — specifically including phonics instruction.'”

    “Special Education is meant to deliver not just a bare minimum, but support sufficient for every student to “make progress” in their education. This is how the Supreme Court has interpreted the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. We need better data collection and transparency, so everyone can determine accurately how schools are performing in their mandate to teach students with disabilities. It’s important to fight the tendency for the needs of disabled students to be viewed as competing against non-disabled students.” Read article