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  • Advocates for Children report: Foster kids struggling in NYC education system

    Jan 26, 2023

    01.25.2023 | News 12 Bronx | The report published by the nonprofit Advocates for Children noted foster care students were twice as likely to get failing scores on state exams and between 80-85% were not proficient in math and reading. It also says only 40% of foster care students who are enrolled in high school go on to graduate. 

    “Students in foster care were four times more likely to be suspended from school than students who were not in foster care,” Advocates for Children’s Erika Palmer told News 12. “There’s data that shows that students who are suspended are more likely to drop out of school.” 

    Most of the data comes from the New York City Department of Education and the state, Palmer says. 

    The report suggests the DOE train its staff to recognize the needs of foster children and to ensure these students have access to mental health services. Watch video