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  • A battle over New York education funding begins after Hochul releases budget proposal

    Jan 16, 2024

    AP Photo

    Spectrum News 1 – There will be plenty of fights over New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s executive budget, but because this is an election year, the most aggressive battle may be waged over education funding. The reason is timing: During election years, one of the ways lawmakers deliver to their constituents is via education aid.

    The fight will be despite the governor’s proposed $35.3 billion school aid package for Fiscal Year 2025, which includes a 2.1% increase, or a $507 million increase, in Foundation Aid, the primary school funding formula making it the highest level of state funding in the state’s history.

    “With this year’s increase, we will have boosted Foundation Aid 33% from 2021 funding levels,” Hochul said during her address.

    In a press release, the organization Advocates for Children of New York said the historic increases of recent years have enabled districts to launch or expand important programs which “we cannot afford to lose.”