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  • NYC schools with enrollment shortfalls face cuts; more budget losses loom

    Oct 25, 2023

    New York City schools with enrollment shortfalls will once again face midyear cuts as the city contends with a bleak fiscal situation.
    Gabby Jones for Chalkbeat

    Chalkbeat NY | A plan to hire more than a dozen temporary staffers to support kids in shelters with educational needs was delayed because of the freeze, and vacant positions on the teams that ensure students with disabilities get necessary services have gone unfilled, according to Advocates for Children, a group that supports vulnerable students.

    “We have seen significant delays in students in shelter receiving the school placements and transportation they need,” said Randi Levine, the policy director at Advocates for Children. She noted that some of the Education Department’s federal relief money is earmarked to support students in temporary housing and can’t be spent on other things.

    “We don’t want the DOE to squander the resources it has available given the huge need we’re seeing on the ground,” she added. Read article