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  • NYC says it won’t move forward with tens of millions in cuts to District 75 schools

    Jan 11, 2024

    New York State Chancellor David Banks speaks at P.S. 186X, a District 75 school in Dec. 2022 in the Bronx in New York, New York. City officials say that tens of millions of dollars in cuts to District 75 schools aren't moving forward, but the news hasn't reached some schools.
    Michael Elsen-Rooney / Chalkbeat

    Chalkbeat – New York City’s Education Department is pledging not to move forward with tens of millions of dollars in budget cuts to District 75 programs for students with significant disabilities – but school staffers say they’re still getting mixed messages about the cuts.

    Staffers at multiple District 75 schools said last month that their principals were instructed to cut $1 million or more from their budgets as part of citywide budget cuts ordered by Mayor Eric Adams. The planned cuts totaled roughly $97 million across the district and would have forced schools to slash spending on extracurriculars, supplies, and paraprofessionals, people familiar with the discussions said.

    Some advocates said the Education Department’s commitment not to enact District 75 school cuts was a positive step.

    “We are relieved that what was rumored around cuts to the district serving those students isn’t currently in the cards and that, for now, the expertise the district offers should remain intact,” said Maggie Moroff, the senior special education policy coordinator for Advocates for Children. “Hard times can’t be an excuse for cutting services to those students who need support the most.”