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  • Migrant crisis is ultimate test of NYC schools

    Oct 25, 2022

    10.24.2022 | Politico | “I think given the influx of newly arrived asylum-seeker students who may be arriving after that October 31 deadline, we would hope that the city would allow those schools to receive more funding for every student that enrolls thereafter,” said Rita Rodriguez-Engberg, director of the Immigrant Students Rights Project at Advocates for Children New York. 

    The language barrier extends from classrooms to the city’s migrant housing, and the school system must send more Spanish-speakers to shelters to establish a direct line of communication, according to Rodriguez-Engberg of Advocates for Children New York. 

    “The families that are living in shelter but attending DOE schools have their own unique needs by virtue of the fact that they’re living in shelter and that includes different access to basic necessities, space limitations, etc.,” she said. “School staff need to be very aware of those needs and ensure that they’re sensitive to the needs of students and parents.” Read article