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  • Mayor Adams reduces cuts to schools, libraries and elderly services with $109B budget

    Jan 16, 2024

    Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    Gothamist – Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday unveiled a $109 billion budget that contained sharp cuts, but unexpectedly exempted or softened the blow to key services, including schools, libraries, social services and programs for older New Yorkers.

    The proposal contrasted with previous proposals for cuts, reflecting the unpopularity of Adams’ earlier reductions and projecting significantly better-than-expected tax revenues than a prior forecast. The police, fire and sanitation departments were entirely spared from another round of cuts.

    “In addition to concerns about cuts to programs, including a substantial cut to early childhood education, we are also concerned about cutting hundreds of [New York City public school] staff members, making it take longer for immigrant students to get a school placement, for students who are homeless to get a bus route, and for students with disabilities to get services,” said Kim Sweet, executive director of the nonprofit group Advocates for Children of New York.