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  • DOE “Enrichment Centers” Open As City Scrambles To Care For Kids Of Emergency Workers

    Apr 14, 2020

    03.23.2020 | Gothamist | “When the mayor and chancellor first announced they’d be closing schools, they announced there would be regional enrichment centers for the children of emergency workers and vulnerable students,” said Randi Levine, policy director at the nonprofit Advocates for Children. “But at this time children who are homeless don’t have access.” 

    There are as many as 100,000 students who experience homelessness during the school year, including many doubled or tripled up in apartments with other families or living in hotels.

    “That means there are parents with potentially multiple children at different grade levels trying to learn while sitting on a bed in a room,” she said.

    She said homeless students already lag behind their peers in educational outcomes. “We’re worried about these students falling further behind in the coming weeks.” Read article