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  • City Delays Christmas Week Family Shelter Evictions After Outcry

    Dec 6, 2023

    A family leaves the Row NYC migrant shelter in Times Square.
    Ben Fractenberg/THE CITY

    The City | “I’m relieved to hear that it’s going to be delayed. The policy itself is very problematic to begin with, so the longer they delay it, the better. It’s going to be a mess,” said Jennifer Pringle, a project director at Advocates for Children of New York, a nonprofit that works with homeless children among other vulnerable groups.

    “I can’t see how this doesn’t lead to school absences, to mid-year transfers, tremendous upheaval for students, for families, and also schools themselves.”

    “I can only imagine the type of scrambling the principals will have to do. There’s not an office where a principal could call to find out where families are. There’s no data sharing agreement. It’s going to be very destabilizing,” Pringle said.