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Karla was only two credits away from receiving her diploma when she was pushed out of high school.

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Policy & Initiatives

Policy Reports Archive: 1990-99

Policy Reports Archive: 1990-99


Neglected Buildings, Damaged Health: A 'Snapshot' of New York City Public School Environmental Conditions 
This report examines the results of a survey of school conditions carried out by the New York City Healthy Schools Working Group. It provides a snapshot of the environmental conditions in New York City public schools. It examines the results of years of neglect of infrastructure for children and reveals disturbing information about the environmental health of school occupants.... View report


The Educational Needs of Children in Foster Care: The Need for System Reform 
This report provides an overview of the educational needs of children in foster care, as being placed into foster care is particularly disruptive for children with educational disabilities or other special needs.... View report

Transforming Education for New York's Newest: Appropriately Assessing the Needs of Newcomer Students 
This report focuses on eliminating barriers to accurate assessment of newcomer students and enhancing sensitivity and support for newcomer students in the classroom.... View report

Asthma in the School: A Look at New York City 
This report uncovers and addresses some prevailing problems in New York City public schools with regards to asthma.... View report

Gifted Education in New York City: An Analysis of Segregation in New York City's Gifted Programs 
This report examines New York City’s gifted programs and addresses the underrepresentation of African American and Latino students in gifted programs and possible solutions.... View report


Segregated and Second Rate: "Special" Education in New York 
This report endorses the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education classrooms.... View report


And Miles to Go: Barriers to Academic Achievement and Innovative Strategies for the Delivery of Educational Services to Homeless Children 
This report offers innovative strategies for educating New York City’s homeless students.
Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3


Least Restrictive Environment and Mainstreaming for Children with Behavioral and Emotionally Handicapping Conditions 
This paper endorses the placement of children with behavioral and emotionally handicapping conditions in the least restrictive environment.... View report

Inclusion: The Considerations and Rights of Placing Special Education Students in Regular Education Classrooms 
This report discusses the considerations and rights of inclusion, the process of obtaining inclusion for a disabled child, the appeal process, and the issues arising from inclusion for particular disabilities.... View report